Hydrochloric Acid is fuming Liquid as White Crystals with pungent smell:
- Chemical Formula
- HCl Molecular Weight 36. 50
- Purity 35 +/- 1 %

- Free Chlorine ---------------- 0.0002% max.
- Calcium ----------------------- 0.0002% max.
- Magnesium ------------------ 0.0001% max.
- Iron ----------------------------- 0.0005% max.
- Arsenic ------------------------ 0.0001% max.
- Sulphate ---------------------- 0.0001% max.
- Heavy Metals as pb -------- 0.0001% max.
- Non-Volatile Substances - 0.0100% max.
- Shelf Life- Longer life is expected if properly stored in air tight vessel

General Product Information:
- Reacts with most metals evolving hydrogen.
- Reaction with air causes fire or explosions.
- Hydrogen Chloride is corrosive.
- Causes severe and painful burns on contact.
- Susceptible organs are Mucous membrane of eyes and upper respiratory tract.
- Irritating effects of high atmospheric concentration of HCl.

Product Handling and Safety Instructions:
- Must not be stored with other chemicals.
- Always use rubber gloves & goggles while handling.
- Eyes if in contact should be irrigated with running water at least fifteen minutes.
- If help is not available the eye irrigation should continue for another fifteen minutes.
- The eyelids should be held apart during irrigation.
- Spilled HCl should be removed immediately by flushing with water.
- Use Sodium Bicarbonate to neutralize traces of spilled acid.
- Remove patient from contaminated atmosphere.
- Individuals spilled should be subjected immediately to drenching water shower.
- Contaminated clothing should be removed as rapidly as possible while under shower.
- Drums of recycled material not used as it changes the chemical composition.
- These drums and cans are strictly one time used selected by expert engineering staff.

Packing: Supplied in drums of 250 Kg and Jerry cans of 30-33 Kg. Is carried & stored in properly designed FRP, Plastic, Rubber lined or PVC containers. Reconditioned Drums and Cans are also being used for cost-effectiveness. The reconditioned drums are considered keeping in mind that the pre-used chemicals be easily washable. The expert Quality Assurance analysts select chemicals used for washing carefully to eliminate all sorts of contaminations. Customized caps, wooden pallets and sheets are used for packing HCl.