Ferric Chloride (Fe Cl3) is dark red/ brown liquid.
- Chemical Formula FeCl3
- Molecular Weight 162.5

- Concentration FeCl3 38 - 42 %
- FeCl2 Traces
- Physical state Liquid
- Physical Appearance Dark red / brown
- Odor Slightly iron / acid
- Vapor pressure Negligible
- Specific gravity 1.38 - 1.49
- Solubility in water Complete
- pH 1.0
- Boiling point 230 °F or 110 °C

Principal Uses 
- Disinfectant Pigment
- Treatment of potable water, sewerage and industrial wastewater
- Etching agent for engraving, Photography and printed circuitry
- Material Handling
- Store away from the heat, strong alkali and alkali metals
- Keep container close & dry and protect container from physical damage
- Use handling equipment (pumps, hoses, etc.) compatible with products,
i.e. polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, Teflon, Rubber, FRP and titanium
- Avoid making contact with skin
- Do not inhale concentrated mist and vapors
- Remove victim to fresh air, if breathing is difficult, give oxygen
- Drums of recycled material not used as it changes the chemical composition
- These drums and cans are strictly one time used selected by expert engineering staff

Supplied in packing of 45kg in jerry cane and 275kg in plastic drums and in FRP tankers

Reconditioned Drums and Cans are also being used for cost-effectiveness. The reconditioned drums are considered keeping in mind that the pre-used chemicals be easily washable. The expert Quality Assurance analysts select chemicals used for washing carefully to eliminate all sorts of contaminations. Customized caps, wooden pallets and sheets are used for packing Fe Cl3.