Our range of products speaks volume of our expertise in exporting Chlor Alkali along with a vast range of other chemicals. Our Quality, competitive and cost-effective pricing, expert handling and in-time deliveries support value added services to our Products range.

Keeping in view the sensitivity of the cargo, we keep all the safety measures at hand. We test chemicals before filling to reinsure our customers' Quality requirements.

Presently Nimbus Internationals deals in the following Chemicals in varied packing:

  1. Hydrochloric Acid ( 35% +-1) Technical Grade
  2. Hydrated Lime Ca (OH) 2 Calcium Hydroxide
  3. Ammonium Chloride (NH4Cl)
  4. Ferric Chloride Solution
  5. Calcium Chloride
  6. Nickel Chloride
  7. Magnesium Chloride
  8. Liquid Ammonia
Nimbus Internationals is all set to explore more horizons and etch a niche in the comity of Quality Exporters. We are expanding every day and believe in promoting and harboring safe and reliable practices in Chemicals Exports market.